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From our 34,000-square foot facility, Stevens Manufacturing Company maintains a world-class turning department. Our abilities include bar feeding and chucking a variety of diameters. Our onboard programming is supplemented by an offline programming system recognized and respected throughout the industry We use Hypermill from Open-Mind Technology.

Some of the CNC Lathes in use at Steven’s include sub-spindles, which allow the transfer of work to a rear spindle for additional processing. A few of these specialty lathes also have milling capabilities with live tools that work on both spindles.

Many of our CNC Milling Machines are pallet loaders, allowing the transfer of a table for a fresh table when work is finished. Many milling machines have work-holding fixtures for multiple-work pieces, allowing us to achieve maximum efficiency from a tool once it is in the spindle.

Smaller CNC Lathes can handle longer bars utilizing special bar feeders, while others employ a magazine feed system designed specifically for loading shorter bars, featuring programmable parts catches that provide for unattended operation when coupled with the bar feeders, thus increasing efficiency without reducing quality.

Our CNC Milling machines include 3-axis and 5-axis; all equipped with onboard programming availability, as well as a tool management system. This enables 3D visualization of all work being programmed. An in-process probing system is installed in some of our machines, letting us inspect the work in the machine throughout the manufacturing process.

Simple indexer or true 4th axis: we have both at Stevens Manufacturing. Our programmers are expert at graphically showing and demonstrating rotary action to provide more time-efficient and accurate manufacturing of complex shapes.

We have the capability to achieve high metal removal rates while maintaining the finish and dimensional integrity of a product via the look-ahead function on some of our CNC machining centers.

SMCO utilizes the latest CNC equipment for both manufacturing and inspection. We offer precision high speed machining of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, welded fabrications, special tools and support equipment.