Part Marking on all parts

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Right down to part marking/identification

Stevens Manufacturing Company employs the latest in technology to identify all of our parts in order to meet your exacting specifications.

Dot peening electromechanically strikes a carbide / diamond stylus assembly against the part surface. The actual force controlled by a current pulse through the solenoid, in order to punch the magnet toward the part surface. An efficient spring returns the stylus assembly to its original position in preparation for the next pulse. Adjustable frequency and force enable a wide range of materials to be marked.

Dot peening offers a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Cost Effectiveness: no consumables are required
  • Permanent: enhances part inventory efficiency and future part replacement ordering accuracy by greatly reducing risk of part misidentification
  • High Speed Process: helps maintain our quick turnarounds on orders
  • Efficient for Almost All Materials: from the hardest steel to plastic
  • Item-level Traceability: improves batch control, quality control and error registration
  • Proven Performance in Aerospace Components: for aluminum, titanium and stainless steel