Stevens Manufacturing Quality Policy

Stevens Manufacturing is committed to ensuring all of our customers and related interested parties are totally satisfied by meeting all applicable requirements, providing high quality products in a timely manner and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Quality Promise

Maintaining a 100% Quality Rating since 1956

100% Quality, 100% of the time.

100%: it doesn’t get any better than that. 100% means it’s ALWAYS right, ALWAYS on the mark, without fail. This is the established legacy of quality that we continue to support, uphold and maintain at Stevens Manufacturing Company. Our goal has always been to meet the most exacting requirements, deliver products that pass the most stringent inspections and exceed the highest expectations. It takes total dedication and unwavering commitment to maintain a 100% quality rating.

It’s not something we do ‘most of the time’. It’s something we do 100% of the time.     At Stevens Manufacturing Company, we manifest our quality assurance each and every day with each and every order…100% of the time. That is our Quality Promise.

Meeting the Highest Industry Standards

The successful registration of our quality management system to AS9100 and ISO9001 certification is a testament to our continuing efforts to deliver uncompromising quality with an eye towards constant improvement. As technologies, processes, materials and industry standards change, you can be sure that Stevens Manufacturing Company will continue to maintain our philosophy of setting the standard to which others strive to obtain.